Graphic Novel - Two Trees

~ Work in progress - private link, please do not share ~



Growing apart, one branch at a time

Set in East London, Two Trees is the story of a young couple on the verge of breaking up and two trees mysteriously being cut by the city council over the course of a few days. She refuses to settle for something less than perfect while he fights for his hard won stability. 

Two Trees follows a young woman as she comes to terms with having outgrown her relationship, from the first voicing of her sexual desires to her partner, to her unconscious yearnings expressed in troubling dream sequences and his reluctance and ultimate refusal to open up their relationship, leading to their break up. 

An emotional tale of growth, told from the point of view of a young woman learning to trust her intuition and bravely owning up to her anti-conformist desires.


~ Work in progress - private link, please do not share ~