Illustration for Interior Design


Marie de Beaucourt is an illustrator and interior designer from Paris. Her Fine Arts background gives her a broad visual culture and a conceptual way of engaging with creative briefs that she applies to interior design.

She was trained as a specialist painter and mirror maker in Mathew Bray’s atelier in London. She is passionate about decorative arts and always learning new techniques and savoir faires to enrich her visual vocabulary and propose original design solutions. Her drawing is versatile and could be applied to anything using a decorative detail, from lighting fixtures to ceramic or carved wood. 

Some of her realisations (pictures coming soon) include:

- Walls - 

Designed and painted custom murals at Mathew Bray’s atelier, London, for renowned designers Rose Uniacke, Emma Burns (Colefax), Veere Grenney...

Mural proposals for several Gilles & Boissier high end hotel projects.

Mural for the Fragonard Musée du Parfum, Paris. 

Currently working on a wallpaper collection for duCygne.

- Textile - 

Designed a headboard for the guest rooms of Ritz Carlton, New York. 

Designed and oversaw the production of rugs for hospitality for Gilles & Boissier:

Designed all carpets of new Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid.

Designed all carpets of Ritz Carlton, New York.

 Designed all carpets for the new Six Senses Hotel 

and residences; project designed by Bjarke Ingels, New York.

Designed most carpets of Four Seasons, Montreal. 

- Ironwork - 

Worked on several project with the Atelier François Pouenat:

Design of a staircase handrail for the new Hotel Costes by ***, Paris. 

Designed an ironworks gate and façade for Beefbar restaurant 

by Humbert & Poyet, Paris.


Art Deco carpet design for the Presidential Suites of the Hyatt Paris Madeleine for Gilles & Boissier, 2017.

Art Nouveau gate and façade elements of Beefbar Paris, designed for Humbert & Poyet, produced by Atelier François Pouenat, 2018.

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